SQL Server Based Point of Sale 

Register and Inventory Control, Employee and Order Management point of sale software solution that is:

Designed for small to medium size retailers.

E-commerce ready!

Run your "brick and mortar" and web store with the same program.

Integrates with QuickBooks accounting software.

Streamlines inventory management and reporting, automates transactions and easily tracks customer information and sales history.

Adaptable to many retail businesses

Ideal for clothing, gift, specialty food, candy, liquor, vitamin, pet and many other stores.

Advanced search saves time

Rapidly find customers and inventory when creating invoices.

Touch screen the way you want it

A fully customizable touch screen lets you design a layout that is easy for employees to use and controls their access to program features.

Automatically track inventory

PRM adjusts your inventory figures every time you receive stock, make a sale or process a return. Improve your cash flow by purchasing the items your customers want. Look up inventory quickly by SKU, department, category, description and even add your own options. An inventory matrix allows you sell items in different size/color combinations.

Save time with portable data collectors

Use a handheld data collector to create invoices, purchase orders or to update stock counts.

Improve customer service

See your customer’s history at the time of sale and suggest additional products or services that may be of interest to them. Maintain customer contact with the built-in e-mail marketing manager.

Track Accounts Receivable

Set up customer charge accounts and print monthly statements. Issue store credit instead of cash refunds.

Instantly see your sales totals

Check sales by any day, employee, customer or item. Schedule your staff efficiently based on hourly sales averages.

Import and export data

Import inventory, customers, vendors and more. Export data to programs like Excel.

Check on your store from anywhere

PRM will let you check on your store from any computer with a web browser. View up to the minute sales data and other reports. Look up customers, inventory, vendors, invoices and employees.

Process credit and debit cards automatically

Open up a free merchant account with Avera-Charge and you can process credit and debit cards right through PRM.

Sell gift cards  (No per transaction fees!)

Bring new and repeat customers into your store with gift cards. PRM will let you sell, redeem and reload gift cards with any value you choose. Works with mag-stripe or barcoded cards.

Custom label printing

A powerful custom label designer allows you to create barcode labels of almost any size and print them on any good quality printer. There is no limit to the number of labels you can design. Labels can be automatically printed when new stock is received. Also great for creating shipping and mailing labels.

Keep an eye on your bottom line

PRM can send detailed transaction information to selected video surveillance systems, giving you a more effective tool for combating employee theft and shrinkage.